Who is FARMA



FARMA is a co-operative of around 500 businesses from across the UK that share one thing - a passion to promote food which is grown and sold by the same hands. Each member has a share in the business, this ensures that we all sign up to a clear mission that we all believe in.

This web site is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the activities of FARMA and its members. Some of our core activities include:

Expert advice

Opening a farm shop or changing an established business?

Starting a farmers' market or wondering how to improve the one you manage?

Starting out as a stallholder at a farmers' market or wondering how you, as a small or medium scale producer might access farm shops around the UK?

Starting a new, or wanting to develop your pick-your-own farm or box scheme?

Thinking about adding catering to your retail offer?

You're not alone.

FARMA's friendly team is at the end of the phone any time when you need advice or help. Just call or email us for advice or help on any matter related to local direct sales: we have a huge database of suppliers and contacts with experts. When you join us, we can put you in touch with fellow members to guide you through your development ideas and you can participate in our many meetings which illustrate best practice and new ideas.

Making a noise about local direct sales

FARMA is one of the largest organisations in the world to represent farmers, farmers' markets and local direct sales. FARMA works on a national scale to promote local direct sales to the media and is active in the political arena working for local direct sales and members' interests.

Supporting high standards and a distinctive farm retail sector

FARMA continues its highly successful Certification scheme for farmers' markets. Certification is an independently assessed scheme that ensures farmers’ markets are working to the recommended criteria. FARMA continues to develop and promote these standards; it is now a condition of membership that farmers’ markets apply for Certification within nine months of being accepted as a member. There are now some 200 farmers’ markets which have achieved this status, or are on their way. Look out for the logo. If your nearest farmers’ market is not Certified, please ask the organisers why not.

Advantages of being a member:

We thought we would ask one of our busy members why they continue to feel that FARMA membership is worthwhile.

Johnny Hewitt from Red House Farm, Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Johnny said "I was the one who championed getting the farm involved with FARMA many years ago. They have helped in many ways to help and motivate us over the years to grow and develop into the award winning visitor attraction, farm shop and catering enterprise that you see today. Being a member gets you access to the best of the best in the industry. You learn from others and the support is invaluable. What you learn at the conference in those 3 days gives you a year of ideas to grow and develop the business further. We might have got there without FARMA's help, but it would have been a lonely and more treacherous journey without the support!"