Upgrade your fridges for summer 2020

Did your fridges struggle this summer? Its a challenge faced by many farm retailers - when a heatwave hits our refrigeration systems just cannot cope, and as a result stock and profits suffer.

FRA Member Capital Refrigeration Services Ltd can help solve this problem with state of the art refrigeration solutions that will save you stress and money!


Sales Director Jon Hayes tells us more...

The benefits of glass door refrigeration

Open Fronted Multi-decks are not Green and use so much energy to operate that in our opinion they have now become obsolete for use in the world of food retailing. In fact a new European legislation is in the pipe line that will make all refrigeration manufacturers only manufacture glass door multi-decks in the European Union. (Source carbon Trust). In or out of Europe the same thing will eventually be happening here. But why wait?

Our advice is that if you are going to buy new refrigeration displays especially multi decks, buy the glass doors versions as the benefits can be rewarding.

Using glass door multi-decks keeps the product at a lower temperature thus keeping food fresher for longer. Interior LED lighting to all shelves also gives a better merchandising visual as well and using black back grounds really makes the colour of food stand out and appealing to the customer.

The major benefit to our customers however is the energy consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gasses used to generate the power to run refrigeration equipment.

The new ultra-lower energy class glass door multi decks guarantees to use between 45/ 50% less energy consumed over the lifetime of the machine.

Could you save £100's off your monthly electricity bill?

As an example we advised one retailer in the North Devon area who was looking to upgrade his store and refrigeration. He was using 16ft of open, lower front multi-deck display refrigeration for all his general dairy and cooked meat products. We advised him to use glass doors and the latest refrigerant gasses with his new multi deck display which he accordingly did and purchased a system to replace the cases he had. He is now saving on average a sum of between £550 and £600 per month on his electricity bill. £6000/ £7200 per year. That is certainly not a sum to be sniffed at over the life time of the system which is 10 years or longer.

100% capital allowance from the government

In fact as another added benefit if you are looking to purchase a new multi-deck or freezer display always ensure it is registered on the Carbon Trusts Energy Technology List. If they are listed on this site then the systems had to have performed to the very strict criteria that is laid out and demanded of the ETL. To attract people to buy greener refrigeration products the government introduced a 100% Capital Allowance in the first year if the system that you purchase is listed on the ETL. We sometimes wonder how often customers are made aware of this benefit? 


Do glass doors deter customers?

A question we are often asked when advising our clients is ‘won’t the doors be a barrier and put off people from buying the product’, my reply is ‘we all buy frozen foods out of glass door freezers and we all buy bottled drinks out of a glass door chillers.....so what’s the difference ?

Example comparison 

The table below shows information on the ‘GARMO’ ultra-low energy glass door multi-deck which is a plug in version so no need to remote the plant as the heat rejection is very small. The unit is also totally maintenance free so no need to worry about blocked or dirty condensers and so forth and this will help extend the life of the refrigeration plant equipment. It is also registered on the Energy Technology List and costs £1.20p per day to run for a 2.5m version and less for smaller units.

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