Open Retail Solutions based in Nottingham offer their Multi Retail stock control software together with touch screen tills to streamline your checkout operations. It links to both the Avery Berkel and Bizerba weigh scales enabling these to be managed by the back office too. Makes controlling prices in shop a lot easier and produces shelf edge tickets as well. The digital signage allows food menus, fruit and veg prices and advertising pictures held by the system to be shown on wall mounted TV. Full stock control functionality including waste management. It also support integrated credit cards, loyalty schemes, and linked website.

See your profits grow by setting todays market prices into the tills and managing waste, just weigh up the benefits. A farm shop needs to be in stock of fast sellers and clear the stock of slow sellers before the goods perish. Serving speed at the tills, easy promotions and sales statistics all improves buying and reduces stock. If you can measure, it you can manage it. Benefits saves time reduces costs - increase sales increase profit.

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