Marbled Meats

We sell our home produced Wagyu beef & Supreme lamb. Will be opening up a small farm shop in 2017, primarily selling our own meat & a few vegetables.

Very focussed on meat quality through breeding & feeding the animals in a very natural stress free environment.

Selling home produced Wagyu beef & Supreme lamb, in process of setting up farm shop.

What we Believe

Why buy from Marbled Meats

•At Marbled Meats we source the best genetics from around the globe to suit the grass based eco systems required here in the Chilterns.

•The majority of the pastures we graze are in environmentally sensitive area, this means we do not use sprays or fertilisers.

•Our animals are allowed to grow naturally in their own environment, thriving on the grass growing under their feet.

•We believe the key to tender meat is in the marbling, we scan & select our breeding animals based on their marbling attributes

•We believe the consumer should have the same quality eating experience every time they buy from Marbled Meats.

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