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The fastest growth in tourism is the culinary sector. Covering farmers markets, taste tours, agri-entertainment, glamping, restaurants, farm shops and more, food tourism has become both an important part of holidaying and a purpose in itself. With growth occurring in most developed countries and tourists searching out culinary tourism throughout the world, this book provides an overall direction to the development of food tourism and a section on the future of this trend.

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Part I: Food Tourism And The Tourist

  1. Introduction
  2. The Changing Tourist

Part II: Farm Produce And Agritourism

  1. On-Farm Marketing and Activities
  2. Off-Farm Marketing and Retailing
  3. Agri-Entertainment or Agri-Tourism

Part III: Food Tourism – The Wider Picture

  1. Independent Garden Centres and Nurseries
  2. The Food Offer

Part IV: Marketing And The Future

  1. Marketing
  2. The Future of Food tourism

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