Management & Leadership for Farm Retailers


After much feedback and research over the past few years, we believe there is a clear need for this great new course which has been written specifically for those with responsibility in running farm retail businesses. business owners, managers and also team leaders or those aspiring to any of those roles will all learn valuable techniques and skills about managing themselves and others. It will cover key topics relevant to the successful operation and management of any farm retail business and farm shop.

The course duration is 6 days run in blocks of 2 days at a time over 3 months.

The course will be challenging, interactive, thought provoking and unique in its style. It will equip the participants with the necessary skills to successfully take their business forward into the future.

FARMA in partnership with Shopper Anonymous UK


By the end of the course the learners will be able to:

● Understand their areas of strength and weakness and take responsibility for their own personal development

● Understand how to plan strategically in line with their core company ethos, and formulate operational plans

● Manage staff to maximise their potential and thus the potential of the business

● Formulate communications and marketing plans

● Plan and execute a formal appraisal system to determine future development needs of staff

● Interpret management data and reports to inform key decision making

The next Course Dates are

Group 1 (North England, Wales and Scotland) 11th - 12th April, 10th - 11th May and 13th - 14th June 2016

Group 2 (South of England and Wales) 4th & 5th May, 6th & 7th June , 4th & 5th July 2016

The Details

This course will be run in the North and also the South of the UK during March to June 2016. We will use the location opportunity to ensure the training is extremely topical and completely relevant to business activities. Real live case studies and on site learning will be an invaluable mode of delivery.

Topics and Content to be covered (not necessarily in the order below) will include:

Communication Styles & Skills for Efficient Operations

  • Understanding yourself so you can understand others

  • Psychometric questionnaires to help you objectively define your own personality type

  • Understanding different communication styles and which are most appropriate for individual colleagues

  • Communicating effectively across different demographics


  • Belbin team types explained and applied to your team

  • Understanding your role and that of others in a team

  • Leadership theories to help you manage your team more effectively, including Action Centred Leadership

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Problem solving techniques

Motivating the Team

  • Understanding the ‘hygiene factors’ which matter to your teams

  • Thinking about where your staff are on the ‘Maslow’ hierarchy, and how to move them through the stages

  • Motivation techniques that work

Managing a Customer Service Strategy (as a core objective)

  • How to develop a Customer Service Culture within the business

  • Understanding the relationship you have with your customers

  • Understanding your customers’ needs and behaviours

  • The methods required to engage and develop a high performing team

  • How to use great service to grow sales

  • Experiencing what it is like to be a customer

  • How to handle complaints and turn them into opportunities

Sales Development : Visual Merchandising/Category Management/Marketing

  • Understanding the customer sales journey

  • Reviewing the inseparable link between your sales and customer service strategies

  • Reviewing your business approach to growing sales

  • Understanding how to set targets and measure sales development

  • Understanding the key principles of sales orientated merchandising

  • Understanding the key elements of an effective marketing plan

  • Reviewing practical ways to influence and generate additional sales

Benchmarking Performance

  • Understand how to manage performance and why appraisals are useful

  • How do you know how well you are doing?

  • Benchmarking as a Management tool

Time Management

  • Are you using your time effectively?

  • Identifying and managing time wasting activities and personnel

  • Managing your diary effectively

  • Prioritising activities

Delegation & Empowerment

  • The nine steps to effective delegation

  • Effective empowerment techniques

● Setting Objectives to Manage Productivity

  • Metrics as a management tool

  • Setting SMART objectives

  • What Went Well/Even Better If… (WWW/EBI)

  • How to have a ‘can do if…’ team rather than a ‘can’t do because….’ team

Our Experience in the Farm Shop Sector

As a management partner in FARMA, we are committed to high standards within this sector.

We have worked with hundreds of farm shops over the past decade and have a sound knowledge of the unique and intimate relationship between farm shops and their customers.

We are involved in many regional food groups and frequently mentor business owners and managers to promote better sales and loyalty within the local community.

The Cost

The course cost structure is as follows:

• Up to 6 attendees - £850 + VAT per person

• 7 to 9 attendees - £750 + VAT per person

• 10 attendees and above - £685 + VAT per person

All workbooks and training materials will be provided.

The venue moves around to different farm shops to enable on location knowledge transfer and learning. If anyone is booking and has a suitable venue either on site or to recommend nearby, please let us know.

For further information or to book a place, please contact Judy Randon who is working with FARMA to manage this course.

Contact Details

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