Award-winning frozen food with a long shelf life. At our Kitchen, we cook using exactly the same ingredients and techniques you would at home.

Look for the name on the label of every dish to see which chef prepared your food.


  • Latest design POS supplied for free by COOK
  • Margin set at 25% off the retail price
  • All products are barcoded and priced on pack
  • Support from full-time concessions team, both on the ground and at COOK HQ


The Criteria: 1. We want to work with remarkable, vibrant food retail businesses where range, presentation and brand pride in the environment are obvious. If you are starting a business, we will need to see detailed business and financial plans to consider a partnership.

  1. We’ll need the right amount of space for, at the very least, 2 x 1.7 metre chest freezer to display our meals – although be aware in some areas we will be looking for space for 4 or even 6 freezers. The Novum Main Line model has been selected, as it fits our food packaging, is reliable, and our COOK point-of-sale material has been tailored to fit around it. The current cost is £890 each plus VAT each, which we charge at cost price. Point-of-sale material (including the A board) is supplied free of charge and will be maintained and updated by the team at COOK.

  2. We hope it goes without saying that we will expect your shop to be clean, tidy, vibrant and well merchandised. In short, it needs to a good fit with the COOK brand.

  3. Another obvious one is that you should have sufficient footfall and a suitable customer base to make a COOK Concession commercially viable for us both.

  4. Last but not least, it won’t work if you’re too close to other COOK Concessions or COOK shops, as we don’t want to impact the sales of our exiting partners. We will consider this on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Details

The Cook Pantry,
Unit 2, Crown Quay Trade Centre,
1 Eurolink Way,
Me10 3Dy