Bee Happy!

As we all know, Bee's are the world's most important pollinator of food crops, and probably play some kind of role in all of our businesses. They are also a useful tool to add interest to your retail offering!

We speak to Filberts Bees about how you can introduce bee friendly content into your farm shop, as well as taking a look at how Farmer Copley's in Pontefract have done just that!


About Filbert's Bees

Filberts Bees Ltd has grown from 100 years of traditional family farming in Dorset. In 2008, we set up the company to ensure a land-based future through diversification. Living and working in a West Dorset cider orchard, we produce honey and apples, rear bees, run courses and make beeswax products.

We offer over 60 products in two broad categories. Firstly, beeswax balms and salves to use on your skin. Secondly, products to use, make or grow on the theme of bees - candles, household polishes, craft kits, seeds.

Our natural beeswax balms and salves often feature British-grown oils - a strong selling point for farm shops. For example, our honey soap contains 50% English rapeseed oil and is free from palm oil. Filberts Muscle Rub contains 20% Devon-grown hempseed oil and 22% Somerset-grown rapeseed oil.

With over 10 years' experience in artisan production, we now offer 20 tried and tested recipes from Lip Balm to Farm Hand. All free from artificial preservatives, colourings, fragrances, palm and mineral oils.

The home, garden and craft range brings more choice for creating bee-themed displays. Natural polishes, beeswax candles, craft kits, seeds and beeswax bars highlight the usefulness of bees to our everyday lives and their importance in food production. Candle-rolling Kits and Bee Garden Kits are best-sellers.

We are realistic about current market conditions. The retailer margin is 50% on almost everything, with 75% of products at £8.00 or less RRP.

We now supply around 150 trade customers - national heritage sites and galleries, independent gift shops, farm shops, gardens, charities. We occasionally make products using customer ingredients. For the past four years, we have made salves for the National Portrait Gallery, using beeswax from the hives on their roof. Jersey Lavender send us their essential oil to make furniture polish and a hand salve.

How can Filberts Bees help you?

We can share ideas on setting up a bee-themed display area, provide flyers and POS materials about bees and bee-friendly gardening. Our point of sale marketing highlights the link from products to bees.  We have materials to raise awareness of bee-friendly gardens, pollination and the importance of bees in crop growing. We'd love to hear from you! 

Contact Philida on 01305 264927. or visit for more info


Farmer Copley's... a hive of activity!


At Farmer Copley's we have always been flying the flag for the protection of our Bee friends, after all we wouldn’t exist without them! Here's how we've gone about it...

We’ve had beehives on the farm for years but we really wanted to add a glass beehive into the farm shop to help educate people and show them how their food is made & how important bees really are.

Earlier this year, our dream finally became a reality and with the help of our beekeeper Ivor Flatman we introduced over 1000 honey bees into the farm shop. It allows us to supply our customers with proper Yorkshire honey and the interest in the hive has been phenomenal, with sales of our honey reflecting this.

Keeping on the Bee theme, we held our first Little Bees workshop which told the story of the bee alongside activities like wax candle rolling, tasting honey related products and making your very own bee friendly plant pot which was received incredibly well and is certainly something we’re looking forward to do again in the future.